Nov 15, 2023

Optimal Working Conditions

Notes on the circumstances under which I perform best at work.
  • In the tranquility of early mornings, as the world sleeps and the room gradually brightens with the dawn's natural light;
  • Within a darkened and moderately cool indoor space;
  • With no one else in the room;
  • When my body is slightly hungry, such as an hour before eating;
  • Adorned in loose clothing that doesn't restrict movement;
  • With a hot latte by my side;
  • With chill lo-fi jazz as ambient sounds;
  • Proximate to a tree-lined track where I could talk to myself while taking a break outside of the room;
  • When the work doesn't have a strict deadline but do have an approximate time frame for completion;
  • Working on things that I am interested in and preferably enjoy so that I don't procrastinate;
  • When the work requires me to learn new things and I do know what I don't know;
  • When the work can be used or seen by other people in a relatively short period of time;
  • When I'm empowered to influence decision-making, best when it's my own project and I take full initiative;
  • When my colleagues could relentlessly give me candid and precise feedback;
  • ...to be continued